Weight reduction

Weight problems have multifactorial causes and can arise in many different ways. The desire for weight reduction is always accompanied by changes in behavior and usually requires a life change.
By changing the eating behavior with simultaneous implimentation of regular, well structured exercise one reaches his goal.

Initial situation:

  • High stress factor
  • Shift work with partly heavy physical work


  • Lose 10kg of fat mass, period open


  • 15.2kg weight loss in 19 weeks
  • Sustainable while maintaining muscle mass


  • To burn energy, get into a calorie deficit and thus achieve weight loss, we consistently changed the entire diet and introduced regular exercise instances
  •  We worked with a low-calorie mixed diet and low-carb influences, and performed 3-4 workouts weekly (2 of which were with a trainer)

Example day:


  • 300 ml (protein) shake with various ingredients, low-carb.


  • Various salads, low-carb


  • Fish and salad, no-carb

On one such sample day, we were especially careful not to eat dinner too late - alcohol was avoided. During the entire period, my participant kept a food diary and together we evaluated this once a week. We also held several consultations throughout each week.



When training after an injury or chronic pain, I recommend the cooperation of the trainer with the treating physician or physiotherapist. If desired, I am in close contact with medical personnel and develop concepts to restore the old performance.

Initial situation:

  • Pain in the lumbar spine
  • Predominantly sedentary work
  • Spinal pain for months
  • Training with physiotherapist is already taking place


  • Freedom from pain and maintenance of health after reaching goal


  • Freedom from pain after 8 units
  • Strengthening of the affected area


  • The prerequisite was close cooperation with the treating physiotherapist.
  • We achieved the goal through gentle strength training in the area of back extensors, hips, buttocks with simultaneous mobilization of the lower back, ischiocrural muscles, buttocks, abductors.
  • At the same time, the coaching worked out ways of achieving more movement in everyday life
  • Rediscovering the fun of movement
  • The client continues to work with me after the goal has been reached.

Get fit

Being fit and feeling healthy can mean different things to different people. One person wants to be able to run the stairs again without being out of breath, others want to build muscle or get a certain area of their body "in shape". Fitness is very individual and can be done in many different ways. As an experienced trainer I offer you different solutions for your problem.

Initial situation:          

  • Predominantly sedentary work
  • A lot of mental work
  • Already 1x week/sports unit alone


  • Better posture
  • Broader shoulders
  •  Approach Six-Pack
  • More strength


  • Increase in strength - "shaping" in the chest/shoulder/arm/back area.
  • Loss of fat mass with simultaneous buildup of muscle mass
  • Less hip fat


  • Increase workload to 3 sessions a week (2x strength training with trainer/1x jogging alone).
  • Combination of classic strength training+ functional training
  • Strength increase through barbell training with high weights
  • Coordination training and "core" exercises in Functional Training
  • Change of diet to calorie-reduced mixed diet and strict abstention from alcohol.